For its 10th anniversary, Amazon's Kindle tries a larger screen size

For its 10th anniversary, Amazon's Kindle tries a larger screen size

For its 10th anniversary, Amazon's Kindle tries a larger screen size

San Francisco - on Wednesday introduced a waterproof Kindle e-reader long-awaited by enthusiasts, the latest in a string of consumer devices from the online retail giant this year.

Audible will arrive on the new Kindle Oasis as part of a software update once it starts shipping, which will also roll out to users of the first-gen Oasis and the 8th-gen Kindle in "the coming months".

That starting price will get you an 8GB model, while a 32GB is £259. It also connects over both Wi-Fi and 4G LTE.

Still, we should be thankful for small mercies and the new Kindle's IPX8 rating isn't the only big improvement Amazon has made to its top-of-the-range model. It's an aluminum material that doesn't feel slippery in the hand.

Kindle fans, rejoice. Amazon has listened and is finally bringing a waterproof ereader to market - nearly 10 years after the internet giant debuted the first Kindle device. The new Oasis doesn't feel as unnaturally light as the last model, which was one of my favorite aspects of that e-reader.

Amazon said the Kindle Oasis will keep running for up to six weeks.

As for the covers, the fabric versions are $44.99 apiece, while the leather are $59.99. We haven't seen any of these yet, but we'll try some out for our full review.

On the front, there's now a 7-inch Paperwhite e-paper display, rather than the 6-inch of before. It offers 300 pixels per inch, which means text is always sharp and easy to read.

What you're looking at is the most advanced Kindle ever - the new Oasis. If you want to know the difference between all these models, check out our in-depth comparison article here.

Kindle Oasis 2 vs Oasis: Should you upgrade? The size boost looks to be Amazon's way of differentiating the Kindle in a world where large-screen smartphones are becoming the norm, and the addition of waterproofing should only be a good thing.

Support for Audible is included for the first time, which means Kindle Oasis owners can choose from over 250,000 audiobooks to listen to on the device. At it's thinnest point it measures an impressive 3.4mm. That's likely been sacrificed to allow for the waterproof design though. It's launching with support for Audible audiobooks. If you own both the book and audiobook you can now cleverly switch between the two without losing your spot. Sadly, it also uses an old micro-USB port.

The new device also features a 7in display and fast-charging capabilities meaning it can be charged to 100% from zero in less than two hours, the company says. This is the first time - apart from the Kindle DX - that Amazon has changed the size, giving you more space to read.

If you buy the Kindle Oasis (2017), be warned you'll be tied into Amazon's store.

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