Game monster enters Razer smartphone market

Razer Smartphone leak

Razer Teases “Biggest Unveiling” for November 1, Could be a Phone

The gaming hardware company launched a teaser on Wednesday, showing a man holding a phone-sized device. The company is teasing an event for November 1, which could mark the debut of its first-ever smartphone.

Earlier claims undoubtedly point to a gaming mobile device by Razer, which could possibly mean an Android powered Razer gaming smartphone. No big deal that sure is except that the company in the question is none other than Razer. Up until now, we didn't know when exactly the gaming device would get launched. Back in January 2017, the company had acquired Nextbit, which is mainly known for its cloud storage based Robin smartphone. Though were placing our bets on a smartphone since the device shown in the picture looks too small to be a tablet. And given Razer's expertise in creating gaming devices (including high-end laptops), the phone should appeal to "hardcore gamers". In the meantime, you can head over to the website and sign up to receive updates on whatever it is that Razer plans on unveiling. Do you think Razer can capture quality of desktop player equipment on smartphone?

In this way, re were rumors that company that produced famous game accessories and gaming computers would enter smartphone market.

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