Google Assistant Now Offers Male Voice Option Too

Google Assistant male voice

Google Assistant Now Offers Male Voice Option Too

A lot of the things Googled showed off aren't available yet, but this one is.

Several months ago, the Home got multi-user support, allowing owners to link up to six different accounts to their Google Home devices. The rooms are what matter to Assistant, not your Nest camera names.

What's more, you'll also be able to send a song to another Chromecast-enabled speaker by saying out loud something like: "Ok Google, play Today's Top Hits on my Chromecast".

This news also comes as Google moves away from Groove and partners with Spotify. For those who are just starting to use the voice assistant, it would be a little tricky to find out how it works. In addition, they can ask the Google Assistant to make their home warmer, and the system will automatically adjust their connected Nest Thermostat without requiring users to state a particular target temperature. Google is playing catch up now with new Google Home improvements: aside from including support for your phone number, United Kingdom users will also be able to make phone calls with the Home, with all the USA features. The music service notes that full support for Spotify on Google Assistant will be coming in the upcoming weeks. The report said there are a number of references in the Google Home app, indicating how the app would work with the Chromebooks. So, it only makes sense that Google adds the voice assistant in the Chromebook. Allowing the home assistant to ring phones in the home. Apple Mac's already have Siri after it was introduced with macOS Sierra in 2016.

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