Great divide between White Britons & ethnic minorities laid bare in nationwide audit

Great divide between White Britons & ethnic minorities laid bare in nationwide audit

Great divide between White Britons & ethnic minorities laid bare in nationwide audit

The racial disparity audit, which May had commissioned just after she took office a year ago, gives an "unprecedented insight" into how people from different minority backgrounds face a "postcode lottery of outcomes" just like the unemployment rate for ethnic minorities being nearly double that of white British adults in the UK.

The "unprecedented" audit pulls together data on how people of all ethnicities are treated in areas including health, education, and criminal justice.

'There are disparities: in crime rates, health, employment and education.

British white groups also fall behind in some instances, with white British pupils on school meals less likely to reach the expected standard at Key Stage 2 than any other ethnic group and white teenagers more likely to be smokers than black teenagers.

One example of the obstacles which could be holding back non-white people can be seen in the stats about how many members of each ethnic group hold a driving licence. The audit also found as part of the survey conducted over 2016 that adults from an Indian background reported the highest average ratings out of 10 for life satisfaction and were not only most likely to be employed but also recorded the highest average hourly pay while in employment.

Black and Arab Britons are more than 40 percent less likely to own their own home, compared with white Britons, the report said.

■ Around two out of three white British householders owned their homes compared with just two out five householders from all other ethnic groups combined.

■ Of all applicants shortlisted for NHS jobs in England, white candidates were more likely to be appointed - some 18 per cent of whites shortlisted got the job compared with 11 per cent of ethnic minorities.

"People who have lived with discrimination don't need a government audit to make them aware of the scale of the challenge", May said.

"But this audit means that for society as a whole - for government, for our public services - there is nowhere to hide". These issues are now out in the open.

She will tell them the audit will become an "essential resource in the battle to defeat ethnic injustice".

Following the report, ministers will tackle 20 "hotspots" where ethnic minority people are more likely to be unemployed, which could include mentoring, traineeships and offering English, maths and vocational training alongside work placements.

The audit was commissioned by the prime minister who is expected to challenge British institutions to "explain or change" the disparities and will hold a cabinet discussion with key stakeholders.

"Britain has come a long way in my lifetime in spreading equality and opportunity. But the data we are publishing today will provide the definitive evidence of how far we must still go in order to truly build a country that works for everyone", May said at a meeting coinciding with the launch of the audit at Downing Street in London.

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