Houston Congressman Al Green has Introduced Articles of Impeachment Against Trump

Top 10 political donors during the 2016 election cycle via OpenSecrets

Screenshot via Open Secrets Top 10 political donors during the 2016 election cycle via OpenSecrets

While the GOP-majority House was unlikely to vote in favor of impeaching Trump, Democratic lawmakers have also been reluctant to call for the president's removal.

Al Green on Wednesday followed through on threats to compel an impeachment vote against President Trump, filing four articles of impeachment in the House while delivering an anti-Trump tirade on the floor. Green pointed out that the Tweeter-in-Chief has made statements both in person and on the social media platform that have "incited bigotry" against various minorities, including African Americans (the NFL national anthem controversy), Puerto Ricans (the president chided them on how Hurricane Maria is going to screw up the country's budget, among other things), transgender people (because Trump has said he doesn't want them in the military).

One of the Democratic Party's biggest donors has issued a major demand to the party, and it's all about getting President Donald Trump out of the White House, according to the New York Times.

The Republican-led House will reportedly vote to table the resolution today.

Since "high crimes and misdemeanors" was a legal term of art used in 18th-century British impeachments, some legal scholars have argued that mere dereliction of duty is a sufficient standard.

That, he said, has caused 'immediate injury to American society'.

Still, this is the second time articles of impeachment have been introduced. In fact, back in July Congressman Steve Cohen from the 9th District in Tennessee as well as a Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, introduced articles of impeachment, and in August Congressman Brad Sherman introduced a single article of impeachment as well.

With Republicans in full control of Congress, there is no prospect in the near term that the president might be impeached.

Al Green says he'll do it again and intends to eventually force a vote. Thus the resolution was not offered and will not be subject to a definite vote on the House floor.

But Democratic leaders have mainly focused on attacking Mr. Trump's policy agenda; they have urged rank-and-file liberal activists to hold off on talk of impeachment while the gravest investigations into Mr. Trump's conduct run their course.

"Many members are telling him that this is a fruitless effort and will end in a complicated vote that can not be easily explained", a senior Democratic aide said. Some in the party think it would be an overreach to go for the political jugular, and might alienate voters in the process, putting the Dems even deeper in the hole in the upcoming midterm elections.

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