Is Shilpa Shinde the most insensitive contestant?

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Is Shilpa Shinde the most insensitive contestant?

But, for how long the inmates can cope up with the new members of the house. But, Hiten again makes her calm and tells her it's her strategy. Sapna Choudhary looks at Lucinda and wonders how she was born looking so pale. "To give leg massages to others is it a task?" argues Sapna Chaudhary with the King and queen.

# Sapna Choudhary & Vikas Gupta refuse to do tasks to please the queens! The contestants are given a royal task where Hiten is a King, Shilpa - Arshi are his two queens and rest of the contestants are his royal subjects.

# The housemates get aggressive and competitive to help their respective queens win in the task. Contestants blowing punches at each other, Salman losing his cool on the housemates, attempts of running away from the house and the changing dynamics of friendships, all have already taken over in the house.

# The luxury task begins and the housemates begin collecting the bricks.

Salman Khan's reality show, Bigg Boss season 11 has now started becoming more complex and yet romantic.

Queen Shilpa's servants used blue walls and queen Arshi's servants used the red ones. While Shilpa and Arshi battle it out to woo Hiten, he has to decide who makes for a better queen.

The padosis - Mehjabi Siddiqui, Sabyasachi Satapathy, Lucinda Nicholas and Luv Tyagi were given a special power to nominate a contestant as their choice for the weekend eviction. A frustrated Vikas then took a big step by leaving the Bigg Boss house through a door.

# Bigg Boss calls Vikas into the confession room and questions him about his unreasonable behavior!

Gauahar tweeted, "Felt so bad for Vikas today". Vikas tries to save his fort as Puneesh forces himself on the fort. Hiten asks everyone to understand that they can't injure each other.

The padosis, who are now contestants in the house, have a huge task ahead - of keeping gharwales convinced with their made-up stories. Is this the beginning or the end?

Puneesh and Vikas' argument took an intense turn with both the men ready to hurl punches at each other. Sapna Choudhry and Arshi Khan will get into an ugly argument like never before. But then, lo and behold, a fight broke out amid Hina and Vikas and then erupted to emulate Punish too, Hina accused Vikas of lying to her about his sexuality, and then Vikas started crying and creating melodrama and closed himself off in the toilet, while Shilpa laughed and made jokes about him. Soon, Hina started justifying Shilpa's tactics to annoy Vikas.

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