Jon Stewart visits 'Late Show' to defend President Trump but fails splendidly

In a tweet that referred to late-night TV as "unfunny" and "always anti-Trump", the commander-in-chief also requested equal time - which only applies to political candidates at the time of a campaign, not after they've been elected.

"What is wrong with this guy?" Stewart whispered to Colbert.

While some comedians might simply mock the tweet, Stephen Colbert took it as a mandate.

Ultimately Stewart settled on: "Donald Trump... is not... a cannibal".

"Donald Trump thinks we should give equal time on a comedy show even though the election is over". #JonStewart has something positive to say about the president. His own particular brand of silver lining involves the hypothetical situation "given the choice between having hot lava poured into my pee-hole, and Donald Trump being president".

"That is no excuse", Colbert scoffed, adding that dinosaurs did not touch themselves in front of employees because their arms were way too short. "Look out for the spin-off, Young Jesus", Colbert joked. Then he moved on to Trump's next decision worthy of some talk show criticism, the decision to allow employers to deny women birth control.

Stewart declared: "Donald Trump is great to women".

"If you're not familiar, Harvey Weinstein was responsible for The English Patient, Good Will Hunting, Shakespeare in Love, and other movies your mom liked in the 90's", he informed his viewers in flyover country.

Colbert went on to address Trump's photo up in Puerto Rico in which the president said, while surrounded by members of the military, that it was "the calm before the storm" and Stewart just couldn't keep it together any longer. So it was then Colbert's turn to say something positive.

President Donald Trump, your wish is Stephen Colbert's command.

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