Kim Jong-un's Sister Elected Alternate Member of WPK's Politburo

Pyongyang is attempting to develop a nuclear weapon capable of hitting the USA mainland.

At around the same time as Kim Jong-un's address, US President Donald Trump commented that any negotiations with Pyongyang would be pointless, tweeting that 25 years of diplomatic approaches to North Korea's nuclear ambitions have not yielded any results.

Donald Trump has said "only one thing will work" when it comes to dealing with North Korea.

Still, the veiled quip looked to be another suggestion that military action was on his mind.

But he has used bellicose language about North Korea and called its leader Kim Jung Un "Rocket Man" as the United States and a coalition of governments including China and Russian Federation have sought to curb Kim's development of nuclear weapons that can be launched on missiles.

During a meeting with top USA military leaders and their spouses earlier this week, Trump told reporters it was the "calm before the storm". "You'll find out", Trump told reporters instead, repeating the tease again on Friday, accompanied with a literal wink. "We disagree on a couple of things", President Trump said.

Trump in recent weeks has ridiculed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as "Rocket Man" while Kim has in turn called him a "mentally deranged United States dotard".

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that President Donald Trump's threats to destroy the DPRK would lead to a "very unsafe dead end".

His sister's promotion "shows that her portfolio and writ is far more substantive than previously believed", said Michael Madden, a North Korea expert at Johns Hopkins University's 38 North website.

Trump has engaged in an escalating war of words with North Korean strongman Kim Jong-Un, trading insults amid rising tensions between the two nuclear-armed rivals, AFP reported.

She did mention the administration's focus on North Korea and Iran, although she wouldn't say whether the president was referring to either of those regimes and only said the US continues to put diplomatic pressure on adversaries.

She is blacklisted by the United States over alleged links to human rights abuses in North Korea.

On October 1, Trump tweeted undermined Tillerson saying that he was wasting his time trying to negotiate with Kim Jong Un, whom he referred as "Little Rocket Man".

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