Las Vegas Shooting: Hotel Worker Narrowly Escaped Gunman's Rampage

Paddock shows his brother Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock. Police initially said Stephen Paddock stopped firing on the music festival concert crowd below to shoot through his door and wound a Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas Shooting: Hotel Worker Narrowly Escaped Gunman's Rampage

MGM Resorts, the largest owner of casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, has been named in at least one lawsuit from a victim of the shooting, who alleges the company didn't provide enough security for guests at the concert.

That was the same floor that Paddock, 64, had set up his cache of weapons amid his plan to fire from his hotel suite windows onto a crowd at a country music festival across the street, police said.

Lombardo said investigators are making progress daily, and that doctors began Paddock's autopsy on Tuesday but have not noted any brain abnormalities. "We can not be certain about the most recent timeline that has been communicated publically, (sic) and we believe what is now being expressed may not be accurate".

A revised timeline of events is raising questions about the response provided by MGM Resorts International and Las Vegas police to the mass shooting on October 1 that left 58 people dead and hundreds more injured.

"It's because this individual purposely hid his actions leading up to this event, and it is hard for us to find the answers to those actions", Lombardo said. Though at this point, they haven't found any one particular event in Paddock's life that triggered the shooting, he said. "We believe he made a decision to take the lives he did and he had a very purposeful plan that he carried out". The bullets are meant to ignite whatever they hit in what officials say was a possible attempt by the shooter to cause an explosion; some of those rounds (also referred to as "tracer" bullets) were found in Paddock's room as well as near a fuel tank near McCarran.

"I would not make that assumption", Lombardo said.

Paddock's life has remained somewhat of a mystery and most people who have interacted with him said nothing really stood out about him. The sheriff added that a complete evaluation of Paddock's mental condition was not yet done. "As evidenced by law enforcement briefings over the past week, many facts are still unverified and continue to change as events are under review", MGM Resorts International spokeswoman Debra DeShong said in a statement. He also drilled holes and bolted a metal bar to try to prevent the opening of an emergency exit stairwell door near the door of his room.

"I'm here to help them move forward with their investigation".

This week, Lombardo revised the timeline of the shooting - saying security guard Jesus Campos was shot first outside Paddock's room, and then he started firing on the crowd below.

Investigators tell CBS News they visited this shooting range just outside Mesquite, Nevada, believing Paddock may have taken target practice two days before he carried out his attack in Las Vegas. By Monday they had repeatedly searched his homes and interviewed his brother, girlfriend and others he's done business with.

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