Mark Hunt rips Dana White for UFC Fight Night 121 removal

However, the promotion announced on Tuesday that "The Super Samoan" has been removed from that booking due to "medical concerns" and he will be replaced by former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum.

The 43-year-old Hunt was a professional kickboxer before he became an MMA fighter in 2004.

So when Hunt did an interview with Players Voice and started to complain of memory loss and slurred speech, the UFC chose to pull him from his upcoming UFC Sydney match-up against Marcin Tybura, something Hunt angrily responded to through a series of Instagram posts made from his official page. It's also unclear why the UFC would pull Hunt from the card for any reason other than fighter safety, given they'd already booked and promoted the bout.

It's another chapter in a tumultuous 12 months for the "Super Samoan", who's now embroiled in a lawsuit with his employers regarding his bout with Brock Lesnar in July 2016.

It's interesting to see Hunt refer to the Player's Voice article as an "interview" as he was quoted as author on the story.

Speaking on Sirius XM radio, Tate, who retired on the back of two losses previous year, says Hunt should think about doing the same.

"Like his memory loss, things like that, it's all gonna get worse, and I understand some fighters wanna fight it out to the bitter end, and Mark Hunt is probably a prime example of that". The truth is the legal case I have filed has caused me to be withdrawn.

"I just hope that if it does happen, it will be in an honest and fair competition".

"Sometimes I don't sleep well", he said. "I'll forget something I did yesterday but I can remember the s-- I did years and years ago". The lawsuit stemmed from Hunt's fight against Lesnar at UFC 200 where he lost the fight but then the former UFC heavyweight champion tested positive for a banned substance. Lesnar failed multiple drugs tests that were taking around the time of the fight, but took a few weeks until afterwards for the results to come back.

The New Zealander was due to headline the card against Marcin Tybura, but the UFC yanked him off the card after he admitted to slurring his words and memory lapses in an column he wrote for the Players Voice. "The organization will require that Hunt undergo further testing and evaluations prior to competing in any future UFC bout".

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