Microsoft Edge browser (Preview) now ready for download on the Play Store

Microsoft Edge browser (Preview) now ready for download on the Play Store

Microsoft Edge browser (Preview) now ready for download on the Play Store

Also, it may not be as lively as the live tiles on Windows 10 Mobile, but it sure will help you make your Android phone much more personal.

NSS Labs tested 36,120 test cases that included 1,136 unique and suspicious URLs over a 23 day period in August/September 2017 and found during the test, the Microsoft Edge browser blocked an average of 92.3% of phishing URLs; Google Chrome blocked an average of 74.5% of phishing URLs; and Mozilla Firefox blocked an average of 61.1%of phishing URLs.

Data Sync: Your favorites and reading list are synced across your devices, so no matter the device, your browser is always personalized to you.

It's now official that Microsoft's own mobile OS is on its deathbed breathing it's last. The Microsoft Edge preview for Android is now live, but getting it is a little more complicated than simply going to the Google Play Store and performing a search for the browser. You should only download the browser if you are comfortable with a few bugs and crashes. You can also send a page you're viewing on mobile to your PC by tapping a persistent Continue on PC button that appears within the app's navigation bar. However, the Continue on PC feature needs Windows 10 Fall Creators update to work which is still in beta.

In contrast, the Edge Browser's beta is not yet open to all on Android but Microsoft has opened up its iOS beta testing to all users.

Gesture customization. With deep customization for gestures, you can double tap to lock your phone, swipe up for app drawer and more. Microsoft has noted that some features still need to be added, but my short time with the Android app has been pretty smooth so far.

Microsoft Launcher has a feed which is accessible from the right swipe and it shows top news, important events, recent activities, photos and most frequently used apps.

If you have not already tried out Microsoft Launcher, you can find it now via the link below.

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