Mike Pence leaves 49ers-Colts game over protesting during national anthem

Mike Pence leaves 49ers-Colts game over protesting during national anthem

Mike Pence leaves 49ers-Colts game over protesting during national anthem

A Pence aide said the Indianapolis trip was planned for weeks because former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning was being honored at the game; the Las Vegas leg, however, was put on the schedule in recent days, adding to the total expenditures.

Trump began his attacks on NFL players who kneel during the national anthem last month, calling on owners to fire players who kneel and for people to walk out of games if they see players participating in the demonstration.

The president said that he was proud of Pence for leaving the game in protest of the football players' protest.

The White House also issued a statement from Pence, in which he says Americans should rally around the flag.

"We've all got a right to our opinions, but I don't think it's too much to ask the players in the National Football League to stand for our national anthem", Pence said at a rally in Alabama on September 22.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick stirred controversy when he knelt for the anthem in protest against police brutality previous year.

The kneeling protest was started a year ago by former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who said he was protesting police brutality against black people. Other players developed new forms of protest, such as linking arms or raising their fists during the national anthem.

San Francisco safety Eric Reid has been kneeling during the national anthem since last season to protest social injustice. But after seeing 49ers players kneeling during the anthem, Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence got up and left.

Mr Pence, who was born in IN, was excited to watch the game and tweeted a photo alongside his wife before it started.

Trump has blasted players who do not stand for the anthem and encouraged a boycott of the National Football League by fans in response. More than a dozen 49ers players knelt during the anthem, with their hands over their hearts, according to ESPN. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell criticised Mr Trump for his comments, calling them "divisive". So, the Vice President went out of his way to attend a football game for the soul objective of acting aggrieved when players exercised their First Amendment rights. Several 49ers players knelt during the national anthem. "I didn't ask him if he would sit or stand".

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