Minnesota Man Lived with Bodies of Mom, Brother for Year

Robert Kuefler

Robert Kuefler

Police say he told them his mother, 94-year-old Evelyn Kuefler, died in August 2015 and his brother, Richard Kuefler, died before that and he couldn't bring himself to bury them.

As indicated by a grievance, his mom's body was discovered rotted and skeletal while his sibling's body was "preserved" when it was discovered a year ago.

Interference with a dead body is illegal in the United States and carries a maximum sentence of a year and may include a $3,000 (£2,295) fine.

Autopsies showed that both of Kuefler's family members died of natural causes. Her body was "severely decayed and mostly a skeleton", the complaint said.

Hager said disability and Social Security checks for Krueger's mother and brother were sent to their accounts by direct deposit and that it did not appear that any money was withdrawn, though federal authorities are still investigating.

According to a criminal complaint filed against Kuefler this week, shortly before Evelyn Kuefler, 94, died in her upstairs bedroom, her son went for a drive instead of staying with her.

A reclusive Minnesota man defended his choice to live with the decomposing bodies of his elderly mother and twin brother for more than a year.

Upon his return, his found his mother was dead.

"I watched my mother die", he said.

Kuefler has no criminal history and told the AP he doesn't need counseling. Their bodies were discovered in September 2016.

The Kuefler's home was deemed temporarily uninhabitable following the discovery so that city officials could hire a professional company to do a deep clean of the house before he moved back in.

In addition to the bodies, the house was infested with maggots and flies and contained bodily fluids and a powerful stench. He told authorities he was too distraught over losing them to report their deaths in their White Bear Lake, Minneapolis home.

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