Model: Ex-Dolphins coach used me as a 'cocaine platter'

Al Diaz  Miami Herald

Al Diaz Miami Herald

The woman at the centre of the Miami Dolphins cocaine scandal said disgraced offensive line coach Chris Foerster used her as a "cocaine platter" in an interview with ESPN Radio.

But within the team's locker room, Foerster is still viewed by some as "a great man".

"How do we have someone that is getting paid millions to be a leader for a team, you know what I'm saying, doing blow when we can't have ... people kneeling for the anthem?" Sound advice: Since he became Dolphins head coach, Adam Gase has demonstrated great focus and an ability to handle all kinds of adversity and distractions.

Kijuana Nige said she planned to expose Foerster and his drug habit early on in their relationship, to highlight inequality suffered by minorities.

The 33-year-old admitted that she's baffled as to why a guy would jeopardize a plum gig by sending her the unsolicited video in the first place, although it sounds like Foerster regretted sending the film nearly immediately.

Late Sunday night a video was posted online showing Foerster snorting a white powder.

Both James and Bushrod said they didn't see any evidence that Foerster was impaired in any way during team meetings.

After serving as an assistant on several college and National Football League teams, DeGugliemo took over as the Patriots' offensive line coach after longtime assistant Dante Scarnecchia's retirement following the 2013 season.

In another interview with a local Las Vegas TV station, Sherrod said she wants Foerster to get the help Foerster himself acknowledged that he needs.

Gase declined to say how offensive line coaching duties will be divided following Foerster's departure.

"It's going to be a while before we can do this again." he says, "but I think about you when I do it". We'll keep you updated if any more news related to the story breaks.

Along with hiring Foerster's replacement on the coaching staff, Gase has spent the week putting out fires, including a new one Nige sparked Wednesday when she went on the radio.

"When we were together, there was no one else around", Nige said.

Gase's response: "To me, it was an isolated incident". "There were a lot of people who were just a little surprised".

The video's release stunned the Miami Dolphins organization. Gase even credited Foerster as a good coach who put in long hours and "worked as hard as he could" for the team.

Sherrod said that happened multiple times, but she never used cocaine. Get the app and get the game.

James said the situation has been "shocking".

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