New PlayStation VR Headset Design Revealed

New Sony PSVR CUH-ZVR2 Revealed

New PlayStation VR Headset Design Revealed

Next week will mark one year since the release of PlayStation VR, which boasts a library of over hundred games across various genres. The product artwork will be updated to show the integrated headphones, but you'll want to make sure the model number is CUH-ZVR2 instead of CUH-ZVR1. It costs 44,980 yen (about $398), so don't expect this to new model to have a big price drop if it does release elsewhere.

Sony has announced a new version of their PlayStation VR headset, that fixes some of the minor complaints about the original.

You can read full details on the PlayStation blog.

All PSVR games will, however, work across both models and pricing will remain the same.

HDR pass-through will allow players to use their PS4 in HDR without having to unplug the headset's HDMI and plug the headset directly into the TV, which is how things now work for PS VR owners. In addition, the Japanese post also mentions that there will be updated PlayStation Move controllers that will feature Micro USB ports for charging and the removal of PS3 compatibility also launching at a later date.

Rather than an overhaul of the platform, this seems to be a small, incremental upgrade that will bring a new design that includes integrated stereo headphones and a brand new model number. Unfortunately, you can't just swap processor units with your old PS VR headset, as the cables are different, says Sony. The company has also warned existing owners that they will not be able to hotswap the Processor Unit in order to enjoy HDR content as the cabling is different.

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