Philippine senators say Duterte ratings drop a wake-up call for government

Duterte supporters gather in Central Philippines’ City

Philippine senators say Duterte ratings drop a wake-up call for government

Trust and satisfaction in him fell to the lowest of his presidency in the third quarter of this year, a survey showed, although sentiment about his leadership remained positive overall.

Duterte's net satisfaction rating among Classes A, B, and C last June 2017 is 59 points, while he got 66 points among the Filipino masses.

Abella told a news conference that Filipinos "are still, in general, satisfied", with the president, adding "public satisfaction remains good and public trust remains very good", despite the drop in Duterte's ratings.

Quirino Rep. Dakila Cua said Duterte should continue his focus on his job and in making hard decision and not be anxious about ratings. More than 800 people have died in the ongoing battle.

MANILA - A mission of worldwide parliamentarians and civil society leaders on Monday urged President Rodrigo Duterte's government to halt what it says is the extremely alarming number of drug suspects being killed in the campaign against illegal drugs and the administration's aggressive efforts to silence its critics. As of now, majority of the Filipinos still trust the President.

"The significant drop in the President's numbers is expected because while his government was focused on killing the poor and balkanizing our democratic institutions, his administration has miserably failed to deliver on his promises - peace in Mindanao, housing, solutions to traffic, end to endo, employment, among others", the group said.

At the House of Representatives, opposition congressmen said the truth is starting to catch up with Duterte because of the unabated killings in his war on drugs.

"They are now seeing Duterte for who he really is: a lying, rude, amoral, corrupt and oppressive former mayor who is totally incompetent about governance at the national level", Trillanes said.

Surigao del Norte Rep. Robert Barbers, head of the House Dangerous Drugs panel, said the ratings drop is no big deal.

Duterte's allies in the Senate advised the President not to take the survey for granted.

Casilao said the economic problems besetting the country's growing number of poor Filipinos has worsened by the government's illegal war on drugs and all-out war against the communist rebels and Moro people under the government's counter-insurgency operation "Oplan Kapayapaan".

"It's just a part of the cycle of politics, and it shouldn't be a cause for concern in Malacañang", he said.

Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian said the Executive branch should not become complacent. "Duterte can not run for re-election and impeachment is very unlikely".

Conducted from September 23 to 27, the survey showed 67 percent of the respondents were satisfied with Duterte's performance, while 19 percent were dissatisfied.

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