Power Shuts Down Again in Puerto Rico Capital, Setting Back Repairs

Lt. Detective Cruz and Officer Marrero at Logan Airport before leaving for Puerto Rico

Lt. Detective Cruz and Officer Marrero at Logan Airport before leaving for Puerto Rico

He further insisted that she was the "lone voice" in criticizing the president's response to Puerto Rico, also false.

Now, Puerto Rico officials are trying to recover from Hurricane Maria since it struck the island almost two weeks ago. But by Wednesday, some of the territory's top officials had taken issue with some of his remarks - and the throwing of the paper towels.

Trump in the Saturday interview continued to obsess over receiving praise for the federal response to the storm.

"They've got a lot of problems and on top of that they got hit with two hurricanes, not one", he added, referring to Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Trump also distributed supplies to hurricane victims, including tossing paper towels into a crowd at a Puerto Rican church.

But the Merriam-Webster dictionary interjected on Twitter, and said use of the term "fake news" dates back to the late 1800s.

'Guess other people have used it, perhaps, over the years, but I've never noticed it, ' the president said.

The term "fake news" became mainstream during the U.S. election campaign, when hundreds of websites that published falsified or heavily biased stories sprung up to capitalise on Facebook advertising revenue.

Of course, the video comes following criticism of the Trump administration's handling of the disaster - and handling of paper towels.

Cruz has been an increasingly vocal critic of the federal government's response to the post-hurricane crisis in Puerto Rico, warning in recent weeks that failure to divert a huge amount of resources to the island could result in "something close to a genocide".

Trump said any criticism he received for being "disrespectful" was 'just a made up thing, ' attempting to again label negative coverage of his moves 'fake news'.

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