Qualcomm files suit to block iPhone sales in China

Qualcomm files suit to block iPhone sales in China

Qualcomm files suit to block iPhone sales in China

Qualcomm is aiming to hit Apple in the biggest pouch possible by filing for a sales and manufacturing injunction on iPhones in China, the company has told Bloomberg.

The parents relate to the Force Touch touchscreentech used in iPhones as well as the way Apple's handsets manage power. The Cupertino company has historically used Qualcomm's modems in its phones, though it's recently switched to Intel chips for that objective. Apple has accused Qualcomm of failing to pay it $1 billion in rebates that it says it is owed.

Qualcomm filed the suits in a Beijing intellectual property court, claiming patent infringement and is seeking injunctive relief, Bloomberg said, citing a Qualcomm spokeswoman. It suggested the effort was opportunistic, because Qualcomm hadn't brought up the patents during negotiations and had only issued them recently.

The patented innovations "are a few examples of the many Qualcomm technologies that Apple uses to improve its devices and increase its profits", Trimble added. "Regulators around the world have found Qualcomm guilty of abusing their position for years". Rather, this mostly seems to be an attempt to get back at Apple for many lawsuit it's filed against Qualcomm around the globe. Qualcomm previously requested an iPhone ban in the United States. It could also give Qualcomm some leverage when negotiating the outcome of those suits.

Qualcomm's legal team is probably skipping lunch and working late in recent weeks, especially in China and Taiwan.

Things are not looking particularly good for Qualcomm.

Between the $2 billion in licensing fees Apple is refusing to pay and the $773 million fine from Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission, Qualcomm is now looking at an empty dinner plate.

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