Skype for Android adds Cortana support for chat suggestions and more

As shown in Microsoft's FAQ for the service, once you've okayed Cortana to access your texts and location she'll suggest appropriate responses in chats ...

Explaining the integration, Microsoft said, "In addition to being your "behind-the-scenes" assistant, Cortana is also a contact in Skype".

Cortana appears within Skype in two ways. Cortana is available in Skype and is created to help you with details to support the conversations you have every day. The assistant can be summoned at any time when you're in a conversation, letting you get contextually relevant information.

Since it has in-context assistance, Cortana can suggest useful information based on the chat such as movie reviews and restaurant suggestions. It can also set up reminders and schedule events during conversations. Let us know what you make of it all in the comments. Cortana's now available on Windows 10, iOS and Android.

READ NEXT:Microsoft launches $3.5m search for startups innovating in AI The company's expanding the scope of its assistant to include more platforms. Microsoft's not doing anything innovative by adding Cortana to Skype, instead merely consolidating its position as a participant in consumer AI. Ideally, the user interface for these in-app assistants would be one where you press a button to ask for their help, rather than having them automatically add their 2 cents at every turn. At the moment, the Cortana feature in Skype for Android and iOS is only available in the United States; there's no word yet on when it might expand to other countries.

Finally, you can actually chat directly with Cortana herself (itself?) and ask questions like what the weather forecast is looking like for the weekend, or asking for suggestions for the best places to eat that are nearby.

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