Snapchat will now let you book an Uber and read TripAdvisor reviews

The feature is called context cards, and it allows Snapchat to surface information related to a particular restaurant or business when someone views a publicly-viewable Snap related to that place.

The stories you passively watch on a daily basis will now be turned into launchpads for more information and actions. Users can swipe up to access more information about a location or venue.

The new update works similar to the links update where you can swipe up on a Snap with a link attached. The sudden shutdown left thousands of users disappopinted as they could neither receive nor send snaps.

Snapchat is introducing a new feature that will transform the experience of using the apps at a fundamental level.

Context Cards appear in a feed-like waterfall, with the first providing basic info including the name and category, as well as ratings sourced from partners including TripAdvisor and Foursquare.

Now Snapchat wants to share more info about that location - like how far away it is, or what kind of food served there - with other users on the app.

For Snap, the feature shows just how much the company has moved to open up its platform, once notoriously closed off, in recent months.

Additional context cards may include: reviews from critics and customers; directions to the venue; opening hours; contact numbers; rides from ride-sharing services; reservations at restaurants; websites for more information; more Snaps from around that area.

'Billions of Snaps created each day on Snapchat power products like stories, search, snap map and now, context cards.

This video will be released to Snapchat users in the coming weeks.

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