Statewide quake drill happening Thursday morning

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Statewide quake drill happening Thursday morning

With its fair share of earthquakes California agencies are participating in drills on Thursday.

"Drop, Cover, Hold On" is internationally recognized as the best way to prevent injuries and save lives during an natural disaster.

The ShakeOut is our opportunity to practice how to protect ourselves during earthquakes.

The Alabama Emergency Management Agency urges all Alabamians to participate in the Great Central U.S. Shakeout Earthquake Drill Thursday, Oct. 19 at 10:19 a.m.

DROP where you are, onto your hands and knees.

COVER your head and neck with one arm and hand If a sturdy table or desk is nearby, crawl underneath it for shelter If no shelter is nearby, crawl next to an interior wall (away from windows). Across the country and globe, more than 10 million people had already signed on for the exercise.

The Board of Supervisors today proclaimed this week as quake and Tsunami Preparedness week, and ShakeOut is one of several ways you can participate in becoming better prepared for disasters.

The drill comes amid Earthquake Awareness Week in the Palmetto State.

ShakeOut is coordinated globally by the Southern California Earthquake Center in Los Angeles, California. They also warned that while the San Andreas fault could generate a large-scale earthquakes, up to magnitude-8, "there are over a hundred other active faults in the region that can produce smaller earthquakes" like the Northridge quake.

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