Tamagotchi 20th Anniversary Line Announced

Image bandai namco

Image bandai namco

The 20th anniversary Tamagotchi Virtual Pet will start shipping and be available in stores from November 5th, 2017 onwards, but unfortunately rather than enhancements the latest version has fewer features than its predecessor.

Bandai, who make the toy, are planning to release a simpler and smaller version to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

Like the original, the mini Tamagotchi includes six different shell designs from the initial Japanese launch and each one includes six characters. Hopefully that will change as the day wears on, because if you're a big fan like the rest of us, you've gotta get that new Tamagotchi!

".They have different lives.it's not just homework and sports now.

So we wanted to make sure you could have that core play without feeling overwhelmed", Bandai America Marketing Director Tara Badie said to IGN while showing off the device at New York Comic Con.

This isn't the first time Bandai has revived the toy.

The new Tamagotchi toys will be smaller than their '90s counterparts, but should otherwise look and act the same to hit all the nostalgic notes you're hoping for. "They're going to see it, they're going to take it, and they're going to have kids [and] siblings...that then they'll show it off to that younger generation".

As of 2010 more than 76 million Tamagotchis had been sold worldwide. There is still an LCD display with no back light and three physical buttons that allow you to interact with your pet.

The new Tamagotchi line is now available for preorder ahead of its November 5 release.

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