Taylor Swift gets her own app, and it looks like Instagram

Taylor Swift

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From the looks of the YouTube clip-which opens with Swift telling fans she's got something "pretty awesome that we've been working on for a while" that she wants to share-it looks like the The Swift Life will be a social platform where Swifties can connect and soak up each other's (and Taylor's) awesomeness. The beta version launches later this year "in limited territories", so cross your fingers you'll be one of the lucky ones to experience it first.

Taylor Swift is launching The Swift Life, a new mobile app for her fans. Shifting from game-based play, which fans know all too well, to a social network could be the secret to letting them shake it off, unlocking further success for the company and getting them out of the red. The app will offer "exclusive" content, pics, and even a chance to directly engage with Swift - or a handler of hers posing as the "Shake It Off" songstress. Like a Facebook or Twitter post, fans can also like each other's comments and those that the singer drops in. What the app costs, if anything, was not revealed in the initial announcement.

"I think you guys are really going to like this", Swift says in a promotional video.

"We've worked closely with Taylor and her team to bring her creative vision to life", Glu Mobile president and CEO Nick Earl said in a statement. Kim Kardashian should better hold on tight to her crown because Taylor is coming. "I mean, I hope", Swift joked in the app's teaser video released Wednesday (October 11).

The video also teases "Taymojis", another feature strangely reminiscent of a certain reality TV star's "Kimojis".

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