The Latest Assassin's Creed Origins Trailer Retells the Origins of the Brotherhood

Having been on hiatus for a year, the Assassin's Creed series is back with Assassin's Creed Origins, and it's bringing along more than a few changes to the well-worn formula. This means that you will only have to wait 23 days, until October 27th, before you can be playing AC on your new console! You can a look forward to using some of that hard drive space straight away, as both games are included as download codes rather than retail discs.

Just recently, Vice's Joel Golby had the chance to try out the game on the Xbox One X and talked a little bit about what the experience was like.

You can get a 1TB version that costs $349 while the 500GB version costs slightly cheaper with a price of $279.

As seen directly below in one of the latest 4K trailers for Assassin's Creed Origins, fans can witness the birth of the Brotherhood from the ashes of the Medjay, with the protagonist Bayek laying the groundwork for future assassins to come down the line.

Also in the box is an Xbox Wireless Controller, a one month Xbox Game Pass subscription, and a 14 day trial for Xbox Live Gold. They'll be released on October 27, and you can pre-order them through the Microsoft Store now if you want to get a jump on the deal.

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Assassin's Creed: Origins, showing 4 minutes of stealth gameplay. Prepare to master the art of destruction in intense close-quarters confrontations and dive into the explosive, tactical combat of this exciting first-person shooter.

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