The moment cargo being loaded onto airliner catches fire in Hong Kong

An American Airlines aircraft on Monday caught fire at the Hong Kong's Chek Lap Kok worldwide airport as cargo was being loaded.

It took place before any passengers or crew were on the aircraft.

The blaze ripped out of cargo being loaded onto an American Airlines jet at Hong Kong worldwide airport.

The plane was bound for Los Angeles, according to the airport website.

As of press time, American Airlines had not responded to a request for comment, and there were not yet any reports about potential damage to the aircraft.

Though the plane did not catch fire, the airline pulled the $347.1 million Boeing jet from service so a maintenance crew could evaluate the aircraft.

"As a result, a pallet on the loading equipment containing non-hazardous goods also caught fire".

It is reported one airport worker has been injured in the blaze which broke out right next to the jet at 5.30pm local time (9.30am UK).

The Airport Authority said the airlines were providing arrangements for the affected passengers. She added that the airline was looking into the cause of the mechanical issue that triggered the fire.

Video and still photos of the scene showed flames and smoke rising from the container.

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