Tillerson keen to talk but North Korea shows no interest

Tillerson keen to talk but North Korea shows no interest

Tillerson keen to talk but North Korea shows no interest

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has confirmed that Washington is in direct contact with Pyongyang in an effort to cool the nuclear showdown between the two countries. "We can talk to them, we do talk to them".

Kim was officially declared leader of North Korea following the death of his father, Kim Jong Il, in 2011.

Rex Tillerson has shown this Saturday bit eager to defend the tweets bellicose president Trump: "The situation is a bit overheated at this time". Trump has pressed for sterner measures against the North by China, the North's chief trading partner and source of aid and diplomatic support.

Meanwhile, increased sanctions and diplomatic pressure has done little to force Kim Jong Un to alter course.

Last weekend, Trump provoked an angry response from Pyongyang after he warned that the regime "won't be around much longer" if it continues its threats against the U.S. Trump added in a tweet sent later in the day.

Tillerson on Saturday said the USA was talking to Pyongyang and "probing" the possibility of a peace deal, after the two nations had spent months threatening to destroy each other.

"Being nice to Rocket Man hasn't worked in 25 years, why would it work now?" Clinton failed, Bush failed, and Obama failed.

In a rare moment of candor several months ago, Tillerson expressed frustration with the bureaucracy of the State Department and diplomacy in general. The president's latest tweet brought new expressions of alarm. "We can talk to them, we do talk to them". He told TCB earlier in the summer that the USA has "tried diplomacy for 25 years without success".

A senior USA official on Sunday told Reuters that Trump, however, does not believe now is the time to negotiate with North Korea and that existing diplomatic channels are meant to negotiate for the return of American citizens who are detained in the country. "That would calm things down a lot". "But if we don't ramp up the diplomatic side, it's possible that we end up cornered", he added. The letter attracted more than 1,100 signatures, portrays "profound concern over the rise in tensions between the United States and North Korea". "He carries a big stick".

"The president speaks for himself", Tillerson replied.

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