Tim Hortons Actually Introduced a Buffalo-Sauce Latte Because Nothing Matters Anymore

Tim Hortons Buffalo Latte

Tim Hortons Buffalo Latte

The Canadian fast food titan has introduced a new trial run at two of its Buffalo, New York locations - the Buffalo Latte!

The bad news, if you were nervous which "Buffalo" the name referred to, is that the drink also contains an unclear amount of the famous wing sauce invented there in 1964. It will be topped with whipped topping and a "dusting of zesty Buffalo seasoning".

Buffalo wings were invented in a bar in Buffalo, New York, in 1964, so it's appropriate that the weird beverage will only be available at restaurants in the city.

If you'll be in the Buffalo, NY area and are feeling up for it, try it and let us know how it tastes!

If caffeine isn't enough to jump-start your morning, Tim Hortons has a spicy solution for you.

While the promotion will undoubtedly bring in the connoisseurs of curious culinary creations, the reactions to the news on social media so far have been less than favorable - "yikes", "gross" and "nope" being the most popular so far. But now, Tim Horton's is taking wings where they've never been: coffee.

Buffalo sauce, the unique flavor with origins in Buffalo, New York, is on to a new frontier - lattes.

This isn't the first time the American Tim Hortons has served an unusual menu item.

To celebrate the introduction of its new espresso-based drinks to the coffee chain's locations in Buffalo, N.Y., the Buffalo latte promises to be "an unexpectedly delicious sweet and spicy treat".

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