UK PM May faces new tensions before Conservative conference

Johnson had fueled talk of a leadership challenge ahead of May's speech by publishing his own 4,000-word plan for Brexit which was seen as a criticism of May's more cautious approach.

'Am I impatient about it, do I want to get it done as fast as possible?

Boris Johnson is firmly in the lead among Conservative party members for succeeding Theresa May as Prime Minister, according to a new poll.

Recent polling by YouGov put Mr Johnson as the top choice to be PM with support from 23 per cent of party members - but Ms Davidson was a close second on 19 per cent. Yes, absolutely. Do I want the delay to go on longer than two years?

Meanwhile, Scotland's Europe minister, Alasdair Allan, has said Scotland's relations with Nordic countries will become more important as a result of Brexit.

He said the United Kingdom must not agree to shadow European Union rules in order to access the single market.

"There can be no monkeying around" with the transition period, Johnson said.

However, the Scottish Tory leader, Ruth Davidson, called for "serious people" to take charge of Brexit process.

"I think overoptimism and not recognising that there are practical realities that have to be faced, that have to be worked through and that complexity is not something you just skip over, that you actually have to work through, I think sells people short".

"I can't imagine what it's like sitting round a table with their Brexit negotiating team because there are three or four people with three or four completely different opinions", said Mr Corbyn.

She highlighted the fact that Britain and the European Union start with identical regulatory standards and said she wanted "a practical approach to regulation that enables us to continue to work together in bringing shared prosperity to our peoples".

"My determination to act on those concerns, and crucially, to fulfil the promise of my first speech on the steps of Downing Street, is greater than ever" she is expected to say.

'This... needs serious people to do a lot of legwork and scanning the detail to make sure we do get to a place where it will all be ok'.

The comments came as May told Tory supporters that this week's party conference is a chance for the Conservatives to look to the future after a "disappointing" general election.

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