Utah police officer fired after investigation into nurse's arrest

Suspect in West Valley stabbing had been accidentally released from jail early	 	 	 			Edwin Ogando

Suspect in West Valley stabbing had been accidentally released from jail early Edwin Ogando

Skordas said Payne would still be employed if the body camera footage hadn't generated so much attention and blown the events out of proportion.

Detective Jeff Payne was sacked and James Tracy, his watch commander, was demoted two ranks from lieutenant to officer after an internal review by the Salt Lake City Police Department found their actions toward the nurse violated department policy and undermined public trust.

Payne's lawyer, Greg Skordas, has pointed to the officer's decorated 27-year history and questioned whether his behavior warranted termination.

In the police video of the incident, Detective Jeff Payne handcuffed Wubbels and placed her in a police auto when she refused to allow officers to obtain a blood sample from a crash victim at the hospital without a warrant.

The incident sparked a national conversation about the use of police force and prompted Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski and Brown to personally apologize to Wubbels.

The officer, Detective Jeff Payne, is planning to appeal the firing. He could be seen in multiple body camera videos grabbing Wubbels by the arms, handcuffing her and forcing her into an unmarked auto as she cried "you're assaulting me" and "this is insane".

She said the situation escalated as she tried to explain why she wouldn't allow the patient's blood to be drawn unless he was under arrest or if there was a police warrant.

Wubbels screamed for him to stop as he forced her out of the door and dragged her to a police vehicle.

Wubbels was later freed from the handcuffs and has not been charged.

He was sacked Tuesday and Lt. James Tracy, who ordered the arrest, was demoted. His lawyer, Ed Brass, couldn't immediately be reached.

Salt Lake Police Chief Mike Brown relieved Detective Jeff Payne of his duties and disciplined his watch commander, Lt. James Tracey, by demoting him to the rank of officer. The move "created chaos" and violated department policy, Brown wrote.

'Your lack of judgment and leadership in this matter is unacceptable, and as a result, I no longer believe that you can retain a leadership position in the department, ' Brown said.

Wubbels's attorney, Karra Porter, said they are pleased that Brown took action and recognized that the officers made crucial mistakes that have eroded public trust.

The officers have five business days to appeal the decisions by the chief. "This is insane", she said as she was led away. 'Alex feels very strongly that her story would have never been told if it weren't for the body camera footage'.

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