Watch Koenigsegg's Bugatti-beating 0 to 400km/h to 0 run

Watch Koenigsegg's Bugatti-beating 0 to 400km/h to 0 run

Watch Koenigsegg's Bugatti-beating 0 to 400km/h to 0 run

Just last month, a Bugatti Chiron went from zero to 249 miles per hour and back to zero in an incredible 41.96 seconds.

Poor Bugatti. It just set a new record for accelerating from 0-400 kph (248 mph) and then stopping to 0 kph again in a mere 41.96 seconds.

In the hands of factory driver Niklas Lilja, the RS took just 1,958 metres to hit 400kph (249mph) and another 9.56 seconds and 482 metres to come to a standstill for a total run time of 36.44 seconds over 2,441 metres.

The Agera RS that set the record is destined for the U.S. market, and is equipped with an optional and removable roll cage that adds weight but is recommended for extreme track driving.

The time was set at the Vandel airfield - which was built during the Second World War - in Denmark on October 1.

"It makes me so proud, so happy and excited to see what we have achieved as a team with the Agera RS. A result like this does not just happen", he said of the new record. The vehicle used for breaking the record is about to be shipped to its owner in the United States, but he wanted some independent test carried out so that he could verify the car's veracity when compared with Lamborghinis, Ferraris and, of course, Bugattis.

Powering the Agera RS is a 5.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine that develops 1,341bhp and 1,371Nm of torque.

As discovered by Motor1, the Swedish company recently took to Facebook to taunt their French rivals by posting a photo of an Agera RS with a caption saying "0-400-OMG".

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