White House links border wall, green card overhaul to DACA

Donald Trump's new list of immigration 'principles' has listed a border wall as a priority

Donald Trump's new list of immigration 'principles' has listed a border wall as a priority

Intel leaders keeping collusion probe open House bill set to reignite debate on warrantless surveillance Warrantless wiretapping reform legislation circulates on Capitol Hill MORE (R-Va.) met with Trump at the White House to discuss immigration last week.

Congressional Democratic leaders had previously been optimistic about striking a deal with Donald Trump that would protect the young immigrants.

Trump's list was criticized by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, the respective Democratic leaders in the Senate and House.

Democrats vehemently oppose numerous demands laid out in the administration list.

The first priority listed in the White House's executive summary is to "Fund and complete construction of the southern border wall".

Short said a review of USA immigration laws requested by Trump identified three major issues: the need to remove undocumented immigrants at the border; enforcing immigration standards in the interior US, including visa overstays; and ending a policy of allowing immigration based on extended-family relationships in the USA, which he termed unfair to taxpayers and citizens. It's widely viewed as unable to get the votes to pass the Senate. What that actually means is deliberately unclear; acting Border Patrol Chief Ron Vitello said on Sunday that Congress and Border Patrol needed to work out exactly what would be built and where.

Cracking down on asylum-seekers - particularly Central American children and families.

But Trump administration officials said the president will insist on their passage in exchange for supporting legislation that would extend the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program. And current USA law makes it much harder for the government to detain and deport asylum-seekers, especially if they have or are children.

In a list of immigration principles sent to Congress Sunday, the White House pushed for a harsher, more robust approach to immigration, including the removal of unaccompanied minors and the closure of what the White House called legal and physical "loopholes" enabling thousands of children fleeing violence in countries like Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras to seek refuge in the US. These are requests that have come up occasionally from Republicans ever since the 2014 child migrant crisis, but Democrats tend to worry that they'd result in people being deported back to mortal danger - and could run afoul of global law.

"The plan also addresses our highly dysfunctional legal immigration system, which continues to admit historic numbers of immigrants who lack needed skills and language abilities to thrive in today's America". Another priority detailed is bolstering E-Verify, the key to locking illegal immigrants out of coveted American jobs and helping tens of thousands of US workers reenter the workforce. But the White House isn't abandoning the idea: it wants Congress to end "chain migration" of family members, and replace it with a "merit-based" immigration system.

Also suspended are certain Venezuelan government officials and their families, due to what the United States called poor security and a lack of cooperation with American authorities. And it's not clear that all, or even most, Republicans back what President Trump is proposing on immigration.

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