White House on Tillerson: 'The president can't undercut his own Cabinet'

Gage Skidmore  CC BY-SA 2.0

Gage Skidmore  CC BY-SA 2.0

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will answer questions from reporters on Friday afternoon. "So if you're asking, is the president trying to do that?"

Trump has filled top posts within his administration with military generals, including his chief of staff, retired General John Kelly, and national security adviser, Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster. All of a sudden the president looked around the room and said, "you guys know what this represents, maybe it's the calm before the storm".

Of course, given that Trump today stole contraception coverage from likely millions of women, and stole civil rights protections from LGBT people by prioritizing religious rights, some might call that the storm too.

"I think you can take the president protecting the American people always extremely serious", she replied. "Could be the calm, the calm before the storm".

"I think that it is sad that the Mayor of San Juan chose to make that a political statement instead of a time of focusing on the relief efforts".

During the briefing, Sanders suggested the president wasn't discussing a specific situation, amid tensions around the globe with ISIS, North Korea and Iran.

Huckabee Sanders also evaded reporters who noted that 2pm January 20th 2025 would be a couple of hours after a two-term Trump presidency would come to an end and who queried whether that was just a coincidence and wondered whether she wasn't just kicking the can down the road. "And we're not going to announce what actions we'll be taking until that moment comes".

Speaking to reporters during his visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Friday, Vice President Mike Pence was asked about Trump's remark and referred reporters to the White House "on any exposition on that comment". Given the timing, Trump's comment sparked fears of impending US military action.

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