1 killed, 1 injured in Providence officer-involved shooting

Police stand on a highway ramp as they investigate the ending of a police chase where shots were fired

Police stand on a highway ramp as they investigate the ending of a police chase where shots were fired

See Providence police's body camera footage below.

"We are looking at a number of police officers and troopers who discharged and when they discharged, this is going to take several hours because there are multiple officers involved and its going to take some time", said Pare.

Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Paré later confirmed that one person was dead and a second victim, a female, was in critical condition after the two were shot by police, following an earlier theft of a State Police cruiser, the Journal reported.

The suspect had reportedly dumped the cruiser on Potters Avenue in South Providence before stealing the pickup truck, leading to the chase.

That man, Donald Morgan, 35, was on the loose until he was captured Friday night in Cumberland, R.I.

"The cruiser was recovered after it was found abandoned in Providence", a brief statement from the agency said.

Police initially said the theft and the shooting were related, but have said Santos was not a suspect in the theft of the cruiser.

Police were reportedly told that Morgan had fled in the bed of a white pickup truck.

In the resulting manhunt, police stopped several white pickup trucks, searching for Morgan and letting the trucks go after it was determined he wasn't inside.

Several officers were chasing a white pickup truck with two people inside when the shooting happened Thursday.

The truck "clearly was attempting to elude police, driving in an erratic manner, driving at high speeds, putting the general law-abiding public at risk", Clements said.

Pare said they are now reviewing the footage.

State Police said shortly before 2 p.m. via Twitter that highway "on-ramps from Route 6 East and Memorial Boulevard to Interstate 95 North in Providence will be closed until further notice".

Police and the family had searched the house and area but didn't find her. When it wouldn't stop, police opened fire on the truck in front of the mall.

None of the officers involved were injured. Authorities say five Providence officers fired their weapons; they didn't say how many state police officers fired. "The driver of the vehicle posed an immediate deadly threat to others on the road and to police officers".

Less than two hours after Morgan allegedly stole the cruiser, officers engaged in a chase in Providence that culminated in officers firing dozens of gunshots on Interstate 95.

The shooting was witnessed by a person who filmed it from a nearby on-ramp.

Only one of those officers had a body camera activated during the shooting.

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