12 new Penn State frat brothers charged in Tim Piazza's drinking death

12 new Penn State frat brothers charged in Tim Piazza's drinking death

12 new Penn State frat brothers charged in Tim Piazza's drinking death

Deleted surveillance footage recovered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation shows Penn State fraternity pledge Tim Piazza was given at least 18 drinks in the span of 1 hour and 22 minutes, Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller said Monday afternoon. He died after falling in the house and fracturing his skull.

Nine members already charged in the case face no new charges.

Five of the former fraternity members face involuntary manslaughter charges, and a total of 17 face charges including hazing and tampering with evidence.

Investigators on Monday said they recovered deleted security camera footage taken inside a Penn State fraternity house and had filed dozens of new charges in the death of a pledge who consumed a risky amount of alcohol and suffered fatal injuries.

"The prosecution views that as forced drinking", she said.

Five more brothers were charged with felonies Monday, and one of the previously charged men - Braxton Becker - scored new counts for deleting the video, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Fourteen other members of the fraternity previously faced criminal charges in connection with Piazza's death.

"It's time to man up, fellas, and be held accountable for your actions", Piazza's father, James, told reporters during the news conference, as his voice cracked with emotion. "Guess what guys - now we know". Instead he was killed at the hands of those he was seeking friendship from.

Piazza was at the Pennsylvania State University brotherhood for a vow occasion in February 2016 where he kicked the bucket after a few tumbles down the stairs.

Piazza fell down basement steps during a night of excessive drinking, police said.

Security cameras showed Piazza spent an excruciating night in the fraternity as members made half-hearted and even counterproductive efforts to help him, including putting a backpack on Piazza to prevent him from rolling over and choking on his own vomit.

The house's security system captured numerous events the night Piazza was injured, footage that had already been played at a preliminary hearing for those charged previously.

The video was deleted by fraternity members after they became aware that a police investigation was underway and that officers planned to obtain the surveillance footage.

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