Ben Affleck is Thinking About When It's Time to Leave Batman

Ben Affleck is Thinking About When It's Time to Leave Batman

Ben Affleck is Thinking About When It's Time to Leave Batman

Cyborg, played by Fisher, is an ex-American football player who is now part-machine after a life-threatening accident.

Take a look at the new Justice League promo below.

"Obviously, Superman is part of the Justice League", producer Deborah Snyder told Slash Film.

Channel24's trip to London was sponsored by Warner Bros.

Now, on to the list.

. "There's a nice, warm, tension with Wonder Woman".

Henry Cavill doesn't go many places without his trusted dog Kal-El - and that includes press interviews for the upcoming movie Justice League. I never really passed judgement on the decision until after I watched Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and I thought Affleck did a fine job as both Batman and Bruce Wayne.

Now regarding Man of Steel 2, the article also says it isn't coming any time soon, with Charles Roven offering an update in that there is no script for Man of Steel 2 as of yet, but "various story ideas" are being kicked around.

For fans who have been waiting for the soundtrack of "Justice League", Warner Bros. has now made it available to stream on YouTube through the official WaterTower Music channel.

This movie is far from black and white with special effects galore, a new version of the bat mobile and detailed costumes for characters.

It's a amusing mix-up, but at least Bruce Wayne gets to recruit the Flash in Justice League.

As if expectations weren't high enough in creating a linchpin for the DC Extended Universe that will springboard its characters into future solo movies - Aquaman has just wrapped on the Gold Coast and a Flash movie is also in the works - Justice League had something of a troubled production. And to see that different manifestation of Batman and his whole different style.

And with Justice League looking at a debut upward of $100 million, "this is going to be one of the biggest movies of the season", Dergarabedian adds. When BvS was released in March 2016, Snyder was in London in pre-production on Justice League, reading about online petitions to boot him off the film, angry sentiment about how the films were too dark and how he was ruining these beloved characters.

In comic-book lore, the Justice League didn't come together until 22 years later to take down a giant interstellar starfish.

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