Celebration of Roy Halladay's life scheduled for next week

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Celebration of Roy Halladay's life scheduled for next week

A public service to commemorate the life of baseball pitcher Roy Halladay, who was killed earlier this week in a plane crash, will be held on November 14, his family said on Thursday.

Roy Halladay, a two-time Cy Young Award victor who pitched a flawless game and a playoff no-hitter, died Tuesday when his private plane crashed into the Gulf of Mexico.

Boston-based Felger and Mazz co-host Michael Felger went for 11 minutes on Wednesday's show mocking Major League Baseball pitcher Roy Halladay's death and calling him a "moron", which was a weird, stupid angle to take the day after a guy died.

"You've got a family, and you're going to screw around in a little toy plane?" he wondered aloud.

"Our family is heartbroken in confirming that Roy passed away in a plane crash Tuesday afternoon", the statement said.

"I find that offensive, that you are that cavalier about life". Oh look, I just landed on the water, everybody! I don't respect him, and to the point now where that guy's the bad guy to me. "I got no sympathy for you". That one's gonna stick with me for a while.

He said he felt "bad about what happened on a lot of levels". Splat. You're dead. With two kids.

Social media erupted at Felger's attack on Halladay, who was beloved by many baseball fans and fellow players alike.

On his radio show Thursday, Felger acknowledged that he may have crossed the line with his comments. "To say it was over the top or insensitive is stating the obvious - that's really not saying much".

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