Comic Book Cinema Sucked Dry As MORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE Begins Development

Morbius the Living Vampire Movie in Development at Sony

'Spider-Man' Spinoff: Morbius the Living Vampire Movie in the Works With 'Power Rangers' Writers

The character, who was created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gil Kane, would over time develop into more of an antihero than a villain. He tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease and turns himself into a type of vampire, complete with the blood cravings, fangs and super strength. Why Sony kept a Morbius The Living Vampire movie a secret is beyond anyone's comprehension, as most probably have to Google the character in order to figure just who in the fuck he is. Eventually, he's turned into an anti-hero of his own right, similar to Venom.

Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, the screenwriters behind films like the recent Power Rangers reboot and Dracula Untold, have been selected to pen a script for a film based on Marvel Comics character Morbuis, The Living Vampire, according to The Wrap.

What route, exactly, Sony is going to go with the character is not yet known as they've declined to comment on the news. While Sharpless and Sazama are surely nice people and all that, they have yet to make a film that audiences have really taken to. He first manifested as a villain, tangling with Spider-Man during the famous storyline in which the Wall-Crawler grew four extra arms after a failed experiment to remove his spider powers. He originally appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man but has since gained his own solo titles as well as stories like the (excellent) 2010 Legion of Monsters minseries.

Morbius joins Venom and Silver & Sable, the Black Cat and Silver Sable-centric spin-off, in Sony's cabal of increasingly unusual superhero spin-offs. So whether you know the Living Vampire from his battles with Spider-Man in the comics, his appearance in the 90s animated series, or his anti-heroic adventures alongside the members of the Order of the Midnight Sons, or even if you don't know Morbius at all, this should come as exciting news.

We'll have to wait to see where this Morbius movie goes, as there is no release date yet announced.

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