Crooked Navy SEALs May Be Behind Murder Of Green Beret

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Crooked Navy SEALs May Be Behind Murder Of Green Beret

But according to an explosive new report published Sunday night, the truth may be far more complicated than the Department of Defense first suspected.The Daily Beast reports, citing several members of the US special operations community, that Melgar was killed by two members of SEAL Team Six after he discovered that the two SEALs were skimming cash off the top of the slush fund the elite special operators generally used to cultivate intelligence sources as part of the DoD's broader counterterrorism mission in the Sahel and Lake Chad Basin region.

The report cites five special operations sources, two of whom said his housemates were pocketing an unspecified amount of cash and offered Melgar a chunk of their illicit earnings.

Furthermore, the team also took on members of other units who had been disciplined for similar behavior, in 2007 accepting a former Gold Squadron sniper who left his unit after killing three unarmed people - including a child - in two operations.

It isn't clear what happened that sparked an altercation between Melgar and the two SEALs at around 5am on June 4.

The two US Navy SEALs authorities suspect killed US Army Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar in a diplomatic compound in Bamako, Mali, may face the death penalty if convicted, a legal expert told Business Insider. He was assigned to Mali with the 3rd Special Forces Group to help train locals and support counterterrorism operations. However, officials say that Melgar's autopsy report showed no drugs or alcohol in his system, which pokes plenty of holes in the SEALs' accounts. He had told her, he would provide details when he returned home, the website reported.

According to USA officials, he stopped breathing at around 5am and attempts to reopen his airway failed. An autopsy found no sign of drugs or alcohol, the report read. He was rushed to a French clinic in Mali by another Green Beret and the two SEALs, but was already dead on arrival.

Authorities nearly immediately suspected foul play and have spent months investigating, The Times said. She also gave investigators the emails her husband sent her about the problems he was having with the two SEALs. They told superiors that Melgar was drunk during hand-to-hand fighting exercises known as "combatives".

His body was found in a US Embassy Housing Room, the New York Times reported. However, the two SEALs at the center of the investigation were quickly flown out of Mali following the indicent and have been placed on administrative leave, according to The Daily Beast. In 2016, he completed the Special Forces Qualification course.

Melgar was from Lubbock, Texas, and had twice served in Afghanistan.

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