Facebook integrates Messenger Day with Facebook Stories

"For a lot of people, the most meaningful things that they do on Facebook on a daily basis are [centered] around a group they're in or an event they're attending or maybe even a page that they manage or follow".

Facebook product manager Connor Hayes tells me the features "Give multiple people the opportunity to tell a Story from multiple different angles".

Facebook has also recently introduced collaborative Stories to events. You'll be able to post a Story to either Messenger or Facebook and your Facebook friends and the people you chat with on Messenger will be able to see that Story.

While users of Facebook's low-data-usage version can view stories, they cannot contribute at present. How many people are now using Facebook Stories and the cross-posting feature isn't clear; it is clear, though, that many Facebook users aren't interested in Stories given how infrequently they show up (brands aside). This also means that Stories once seen on Messenger will be marked as seen in the Facebook app. Now videos shared through Facebook's main Stories feature can be shared to Messenger and vice versa. Instagram is already pretty well integrated with Facebook, so connecting both the services' Stories feature shouldn't be too much of a technical problem.

Update: This post has been updated to clarify Stories from Groups, Events and Pages will not be available in Messenger. Furthermore, Facebook Direct is getting the axe and all Stories replies will arrive via Messenger.

A feature similar to that of Snapchat Stories, Facebook revealed that those on various groups and events pages will be able to contribute to a Facebook Story that's visible to the rest of the members and moderated by the admins. Parent company Snap Inc. has failed to meet Wall Street's expectations in recent quarters and is planning a major redesign of Snapchat for next month to kick-start growth again.

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