French president condemns ballistic missile attack on Riyadh

A still image taken from a pro Houthi video shows what it says was the launch by Houthi forces in Yemen of a ballistic missile aimed at Riyadh's King Khaled Airport

French president condemns ballistic missile attack on Riyadh

During his visit to Dubai on Thursday, he referred to a missile which was sacked from Yemen and intercepted by Saudi Arabia earlier this month.

Al-Mouallimi said that the Kingdom has already presented a letter to the Security Council concerning last Saturday's ballistic missile fired from Yemen on King Khaled International Airport.

Iran vehemently dismissed the charge that it supplied missiles to the Huthis and warned Saudi Arabia of its "might", prompting fresh acrimony between the regional heavyweights.

The two leaders "also discussed the latest developments in the Middle East and their efforts for security and stability in the region, including joint coordination in the fight against terrorism", it added.

The United States accused Iran on Tuesday of supplying Yemen's Houthi rebels with a missile that was sacked into Saudi Arabia in July and called for the United Nations to hold Tehran accountable for violating two UN Security Council resolutions.

Iran's Foreign Ministry says the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers is "not negotiable" after French President Emmanuel Macron said during a trip to the region that it was important to "remain firm" with Tehran over its missile program.

Buried in recent reports on rumored Saudi-Israeli cooperation in combatting Iran in Lebanon is this bombshell.

Macron's visit comes days after Prince Mohammed launched what the Saudi government has dubbed a wide-ranging corruption crackdown, arresting dozens of members of the royal family as well as ministers and businessmen. "When the goal of those measures ends, we will reopen those ports with introducing some needed amendments and reforms", Al-Mouallimi said.

The United Nations, along with dozens of other aid groups, are raising alarm at the blockade imposed on Yemen by the the U.S. -backed, Saudi-led coalition there, saying Thursday it could lead to "the largest starvation the world has seen for many decades".

Saudi Arabia and its allies accuse Iran of supplying missiles and other weapons to the Houthis, saying the arms were not present in Yemen before conflict broke out there in 2015.

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