Gun amnesty bid to get weapons off British streets

Surrender firearms during national campaign

Gun amnesty bid to get weapons off British streets

Police in England and Wales have begun a two-week gun surrender in an attempt to reduce the number of firearms on the streets, after a 27 percent rise in gun crime in the United Kingdom previous year. "But the point is to take weapons off the streets so they can't access those and there are less of them there to access".

"Any weapon has the potential to fall into the wrong hands, so each one surrendered is one less with the potential to cause a death or serious injury".

Firearms can be taken into police stations across the county and people are encouraged to call 101 to let officers know that they are bringing a gun in as part of the operation.

"You won't have to give your name or address, we just want more guns out of harm's way".

"But when they're handed down to the next generation, either through bereavement or simply passing them down to the next generation, that person doesn't need them, hasn't got the required licence so that makes them an illegal weapon".

Between now and Sunday, November 26, guns and knives can be handed in at police stations without people being arrested for possession.

From today, Monday November 13, until Sunday, November 26, Gwent Police is joining with forces across the United Kingdom in asking members of the public to surrender unlawfully held or unwanted guns and ammunition to prevent them from getting into criminal hands.

Richard Kennett, firearms licensing manager for Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies, said the campaign had got off to a good start, with 14 guns already collected before lunchtime on Monday at police sites in Ipswich and Martlesham.

While there are designated police stations for the surrender, the public can go to any police station and they will accept any and all firearms and ammunition.

The national effort involving forces across the United Kingdom is giving members of the public the opportunity to hand in any illegal or unwanted weapons - without prosecution.

Beverley Hughes, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, said: "There are still too many gun related incidents occurring across Greater Manchester, with 28 since April".

Illegal possession of a firearm can mean five years behind bars and if you are found guilty of possession with intent to supply it can lead to a life sentence.

According to data from the National Office of Statistics, more than two-thirds of police forces recorded a rise in offences involving firearms in the year from June 2016.

The national initiative is being co-ordinated by the National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS) with all forces in England and Wales taking part.

"Every gun and knife given up is one less that can end up in criminal circulation, and can potentially save a life".

"Ensuring that items which may be illegal, unsafe or insecure are handed to police will help to keep Dorset a safe place to live and visit".

SURRENDER your weapons -that is the call from South Yorkshire Police who kicked off a two-week weapons amnesty today.

Anyone with any information regarding the use of firearms, weapons or suspicious activity can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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