Here's how long you have left to spend your old £10 notes

Chris J Ratcliffe-Pool  Getty Images

Chris J Ratcliffe-Pool Getty Images

From then on, notes must be swapped at the Bank of England.

The Bank of England warns if you still have any old £10 notes with Charles Darwin, better spend them before 1 March next year, otherwise, it'll transform into the souvenir.

Over one billion new £10 notes were printed ready for issue back in September.

The new notes are also said to be indestructible, and it is hoped they will last significantly longer than their predecessors.

The old note is being gradually withdrawn from circulation, and the new £10, which only entered circulation in September, already accounts for 55% of £10 notes now in use.

If you still have the old tenner past this date the Bank of England, in the City of London, will swap your out-of-date paper for a crisp, new plastic £10 note featuring author Jane Austin. As of October this year, 55% of the £10 notes in circulation were made from polymer, while 359 million were paper.

The £5 note has already been completely switched over to the new version, with the old style being taken out of circulation in May.

It has persevered with the material despite complaints from religious and vegan groups that the animal fat tallow is used in the production process.

It is also the first British banknote with so-called tactile information, which helps blind and partially sighted people assess its value.

Old pound coins can no longer be spent, but can be donated to charity or deposited into customer bank accounts.

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