IDF stations Iron Dome battery in Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area

Report Islamic Jihad raises state of readiness to 'highest level'

IDF stations Iron Dome battery in Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area

Almost two weeks after the Israeli army blew up a tunnel that ran between the southern Gaza Strip and Israel, killing 12 Palestinian fighters from the Islamic Jihad and Hamas movements, Israel has continued to exchange threats with the groups, saying that it will "respond with force" to any retaliation from Gaza.

The terror group is known to have Katyusha rockets, which could reach Israel's heavily populated central coastal region.

The IDF has taken other precautions as well, including closure of several tourist attractions near the Gaza border, including the Black Arrow, Givat Hapaamon and Nizmit sites; and local farmers have been warned away from the vicinity of the Gaza security fence, due to fears of sniper fire or kidnapping attempts.

On Monday, the military said it deployed another Iron Dome battery elsewhere in central Israel.

Israel has been issuing warnings to PIJ that any attack will be met with a harsh response.

Israel and the Gaza-based militant group Islamic Jihad have recently been exchanging threats, with Islamic Jihad swearing vengeance after the Israeli army destroyed a tunnel on the edge of the Gaza Strip this month, killing 12 people including 10 militants from the group.

On Saturday, Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Major Gen. Yoav (Poli) Mordechai publicly warned Islamic Jihad that it was "playing with fire" by threatening Israel.

We are aware of ongoing efforts by the Palestine Islamic Jihad against Israel. "They are a declaration of war and we will act against it".

A war of words broke out between Israel and PIJ shortly after the destruction of the tunnel, which was detected using advanced technology and neutralized inside Israeli territory using a controlled explosion. "These days, there are still those who toy with trying renewed attacks on Israel", Netanyahu said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting.

"I say this to every entity, rogue faction, organization - everyone".

"Our account with them will not be closed except with a response", he said.

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