It's official! Rasgulla is from Bengal, not Odisha

Odisha and Bengal have been locked in a bitter fight over the GI registration of rosogolla since 2015

Odisha and Bengal have been locked in a bitter fight over the GI registration of rosogolla since 2015

The pearly white favorite, while popularly synonymous with Bengal, found itself amid a bitter, cultural tug-of-war in September 2015 when Odisha raised formal objection to West Bengal's Geographical Indication (GI) claim over the sweet that the neighboring state also holds dear to itself. Odisha made a claim on September 19 when West Bengal filed an application for the GI tag.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, now in London, called it a "sweet news". "We are very happy and proud that #Bengal has been granted GI ( Geographical Indication) status for Rosogolla". However, writing about this news has definitely made our mouths water for the delectable sweet and we're sure you're going to visit your local sweet shop for some mouth watering rosogullas soon, isn't it?

The battle between West Bengal and Odisha over the origin of Rosogolla ended on a sweet note for West Bengal with the State winning the Geographical Indication (GI) for this iconic sweet.

Odisha's minister of science and technology Pradip Kumar Panigrahi announced the setting up of committees to trace the origin of the sweetmeat and furnish evidence that it was first prepared around 600 years ago in the temple town of Puri.

The Geographical Identification authorities ruled out today that it is Bengal where the popular rosogolla originated.

Food processing Minister of the state, Abdur Rezzak Mollah talking to media said, "Happy and relieved".

It is this kind of Rasagolla that has received the GI tag. People of Bengal who are known to take their candies very seriously made a beeline for the sweet shops specially KC Das to renew their sweet affair with this iconic sweet. The GI tag was finally conferred on Tuesday. Now West Bengal got the GI status for rasgulla.

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