Jacqui Lambie sweats on citizenship advice

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The Tasmanian independent senator Jacqui Lambie has confirmed she will resign from parliament because she is a dual citizen but she has vowed to press on with her political career.

High-profile Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie has become the latest casualty of the citizenship crisis engulfing federal parliament.

She indicated a return to politics is on her agenda, but didn't specify whether that would be at a federal level.

But Lambie had dismissed concerns over her eligibility last week, telling Tasmania's Examiner newspaper that she had "no concerns" over her eligibility to sit in Parliament.

Yesterday the Turnbull government struck a deal with the Labor opposition to force all MPs and senators to reveal their citizenship status by December 1.

"I didn't think I actually had a problem with it, so I never gave it a second thought " she told LAFM radio in Launceston on Tuesday of her newly-confirmed status as a United Kingdom citizenship by descent.

Joyce and Alexander will re-contest their lower-house seats in special elections next month.

Former deputy prime minister and Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce is now running for re-election after the High Court ruled he was in breach of the Constitution. "I am proud of my Scottish ancestry and my father is too", she said at the time.

The resignation comes a week after she expressed confidence there was no issue with her citizenship.

She is now the second Tasmanian senator to force a recount and replacement process, after the departure of Parry.

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Professor George Williams, from the University of NSW, said Mr Martin could be in difficulty because of his local government position.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that she told colleagues on Monday night that there would be no need to refer the matter to the High Court is she was in breach of Section 44 of the Constitution.

Whether a local council position is an "office of profit under the Crown" - a ground for disqualification under the constitution - has been a grey area in constitutional law.

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