Louis CK accuser says his behaviour was 'common knowledge'

Louis CK accuser says his behaviour was 'common knowledge'

Louis CK accuser says his behaviour was 'common knowledge'

A day after five women spoke out about sexual misconduct they encountered at the hands of the comic, and hours after Louis C.K. released a statement confirming their "stories are true," FX has announced that it is ending its association with the writer/director/actor/producer. In addition to Louis C.K. 2017, which was his Netflix special, Hilarious, Live at the Comedy Store, Live at the Beacon Theater and Chewed Up are all now on Netflix.

According to reporter Linsey Davis, Corry was reminded about the sexual misconduct a decade later, in 2015, when Louis C.K., real name Louis Szekely, called her to apologise for his actions, but the chat left her even more disturbed than she had been at the time of their initial exchange. HBO dropped him from autism benefit special Night of Too Many Stars and removed his special Oh My God and his sitcom Lucky Louie from its streaming and on-demand services; distribution company the Orchard has decided not to release his new movie I Love You, Daddy; and FX, which aired his show Louie and now has two shows executive-produced by C.K., Baskets and Better Things, released a statement saying "the matter is now under review".

The network that made Louis C.K. a powerful auteur is backing away. "That said, the matter is now under review".

"Now is not the time for him to make television shows".

FX isn't the only platform to back away from C.K.in light of the allegations.

Lewis Kay, C.K.'s publicist, also announced that he had ended his relationship with the comedian.

Stars from the film are already backing away from C.K.as well. At the time, she decided not to press the matter any further.

And it's not just collaborators who are backing away from C.K. Stars in the comedy world and Hollywood at large quickly reacted to the news on social media, voicing their disgust and concern. We all hope that the people whose work we admire are decent and kind, and it's a lot more convenient for us when that's true. "This is inexcusable and he needs to address it", Michael Ian Black tweeted. I feel deep sorrow and empathy for the women who have come forward.

Jenni Konner, the former Girls show-runner, had this to say: "Your move, FX".

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