New Renders Envision 2018 iPad Pro with Face ID

New Renders Envision 2018 iPad Pro with Face ID

New Renders Envision 2018 iPad Pro with Face ID

It is said that they were able to gain access to the phones with high profile targets including political and business leaders.

"Nose was made by a handmade artist". Other parts, such as the eyes were made from 2D images.

It is clear that this mask is unlikely to be used against regular users, however, heads of major corporations, heads of state and the Federal Bureau of Investigation should be notified about this vulnerability Apple Face ID.

Bkav has defeated the Face ID with the help of a mask, claims a PhoneArena report.

According to the Vice President of Bkav, Ngo Tuan Anh, "the mask is crafted by combining 3D printing with makeup and 2D images, besides some special processing on the cheeks and around the face where there are large skin areas to fool the AI of Face ID".

In 2008, this company has already demonstrated a similar experiment that refutes such a security measure for laptops.

"In the future, we might use smartphones with 3D scanning capabilities (like Sony XZ1); or set up a room with a 3D scanner, a few seconds is enough for the scanning (here's an example of a 3D scanning booth)", it added. It has been developing with the specific aim of fooling Face ID's depth-mapping technology.

A security firm called Bkav says they have been able to defeat Face ID with the aid of a mask.

If the person looking to break in isn't anxious about subtlety, they could just physically force the user to unlock the biometric security anyways, or possibly scan the user's face while they were sleeping or incapacitated. However, the security agency has not detailed the process of how they went about training the iPhone X with the original victim's face and then spoofed it with a 3D mask.

"Security units' competitors, commercial rivals of corporations, and even nations might benefit from our Proof of Concept", Bkav noted.

In fact, it also said that the fingerprint sensor which uses biometric security system is the better security measure as of now.

According to the firm, if exploited, Face ID can create problems.

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