Now it will replace slain Harmony Link gizmos



Logitech informed owners of the Link in recent days that it was shutting down the service, which meant the devices would stop working. "We first communicated to affected customers in August 2017 that we are offering a free Harmony Hub to replace a Link (if within warranty) or a discount on the Harmony Hub (if out of warranty)". There is nothing physically wrong with the devices, and they now function normally, but Logitech indicated that an expiring technology certificate license was the reason for the slamming the door on the device. But for people out of warranty - possibly the majority of Harmony Link users, as the devices were last sold in 2015 - they would just get a one-time, 35 per cent discount on a new $US100 ($130) Harmony Hub. However, existing users who own a Harmony Link under warranty have been offered a free upgrade to the Harmony Hub that was debuted in 2014. The company apparently chalked that up to the list of blocked words that stem from its community terms of service.

Logitech has managed to fall out of favour with more than a few of its customers this week, as the company has made plans to "brick" the Harmony Link.

In a hasty U-turn, the electronics slinger said it will exchange Harmony Link control hubs with a similar product, the Harmony Hub. It released in 2011, and has since been replaced by the Harmony Hub.

If you already parted with your hard-earned money to take Logitech up on that previous 35 percent off offer, it will soon be refunding you in full to align with this new initiative.

According to Logitech, the encryption certificate for Link expires in spring 2018. "The certificate will not be renewed as we are focusing resources on our current app-based remote, the Harmony Hub". You can see an official statement from the company below.

Logitech also responded to the criticism that it was blocking the phrase "class action lawsuit" on its forums.

Needless to say, the negative reaction from Harmony Link owners came swiftly, with many of them vowing to never buy Logitech products again and many others going off on long, profanity-laced tirades.

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