PTA restores access to social media websites



After the electronic media blackout, people turned to popular social networking websites for information, but Facebook, Twitter and Youtube were also blocked by the authorities in an effort to stop information from trickling out.

Millions of Pakistanis rely on private television channels and social media platforms for updates on the events unfolding in the country following the Islamabad crackdown.

A notification from Pemra announced on Sunday that all news and current affairs satellite TV channels have "immediately been restored".

"The outright closure of news channels regardless of their content and conduct will not be acceptable by PBA and this action must be revered immediately".

PEMRA had on Saturday barred news channels from live coverage of the Islamabad operation under 'Media Code of Conduct 2015′ and instructed to show "utmost sensitivity" during its coverage of the operation.

As Per the Express Tribune, aheading the PEMRA order, there has been a media blackout in Islamabad, where nearly all top private TV channels have gone off-air.

PTA said that decision for blocking or restoration of social media or any other website is taken by government of Pakistan and PTA implements the directives.

Meanwhile, citizens have expressed anger over the suspension of services, with many accusing the government of clamping down on the media.

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