Sanders Urges DNC to Be More Transparent

Former Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile speaks during a meeting of the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco Thursday

Sanders Urges DNC to Be More Transparent

Most of the attention on former DNC chair Donna Brazile's book promotion tour has been focused on her comments alluding to a rigged Democratic primary. Clinton handed over $20 million to help get the DNC out of debt.

Hillary is a revoltingly distasteful person, but because the liberal networks and the leftist media love her and her politics, they kept her behavior under cover, so she has been able to get away with it, until now. This included decisions about scheduling debates, who should fill key posts and how messages should be shaped. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, while starving the DNC itself. The fix was in.

The senator did not say whether he thought the primaries were rigged or not, but he did indicate his campaign directly "took on" the DNC, among other "establishment" political organizations.

Brazile accused the Clinton campaign of a "secret takeover of the DNC" in her book and a Politico op-ed released last week, writing that "if the fight (between Clinton and Sanders) had been fair, one campaign would not have control of the party before the voters had decided which one they wanted to lead".

While most of America saw Clinton as the overwhelming favorite throughout 2016, Brazile described a campaign that was flailing behind closed doors. She has been called a "liar", "kook", "traitor" and worse.

About 100 former Clinton staffers and other Democrats signed an open letter saying that Brazile's claims are "troubling" and "puzzling".

Ground zero for the attacks is CNN - which used to employ her as a contributor. Brazile also laments the cool treatment she received from the nominee.

Brazile: I don't know. It adds another explanation as to why the Democrats did such a masterful job of losing to the one Republican who should have been the easiest to beat: Trump.

Host Mark Thompson followed up by noting that Brazile wrote in her book that she feels responsible for Rich's death. Her response was clear: "Yes".

Twelve years ago, I wrote a column where I excoriated liberals for expecting Latinos and African-Americans to be deferential and attacking those who aren't.

Tonight's real Time with Bill Maher is going to be an eyeopening reveal as Donna Brazile, hot off her "Hillary's staff treated me like a slave" tour, is up at first.

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